Friday, 24 October 2014


I saw this a few days ago but didn't really get the chance to post about it until today. Those of us who grew up watching Back To The Future (2 is where they were) there was only one thing you really wanted from that movie to end up being true. Outside of the DeLorean time machine of course.

I love this car.
That is of course the majestic hoverboard. Which was freaking awesome. We've been clamouring for that piece of tech for quite a long time now. We even used Back to The Future to estimate when they would arrive. They were supposed to be developed a year after the movie was set though, because Marty McFly invented the skateboard a year early. Well anyway, the fancy bastards at Kickstarter have done it again. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Hendo Hoverboard.
The Kickstarter page has all the details, including a video of the board in action. Unfortunately all the actual hoverboards have already sold out, but they were $10k each so I wasn't likely to get one anyway. No I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few years for the technology to become cheaper. One of the rewards is a go on one at least. But think of the possibilities: One of the things they offer is a hover kit, so you can make anything hover. Not only are we now getting hoverboards, but we're even closer to floating, and eventually flying, cars.

That's pretty damn cool.

What would you make hover? A board, a car, or something else? 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lost A Job, Gained A Job

So this time last week I was happily posting about how I managed to get a job as an article writer. I was pretty happy about that. Oh how easy life was back when I was so young and foolish. You know, seven whole days ago. It counts. Anyway, things happened and unfortunately this past Monday I was informed that there was no more work for me because I messed up. Essentially I was actually doing someone else's work for them and I did it wrong. So not only did he get in trouble but everyone else working for him at the time ended up out of work.
Boy that was deflating
After a short amount of feeling sorry for myself I realised I should get back to applying for jobs. So that's just what I did. I still felt bad for the majority of the day. Not getting any replies to those job applications didn't help. 

That's when things picked up.
We all need an emergency kitten every so often
Someone did get back to me and offer me a job with them. It's actually more than I was going to be paid by the other guy too. I say "was going to be" because I never got any money for what I did for him in the end. I'm still not really making money but, hey, it's not like I have many expenses. I'm basically earning what a server earns but without the possibility of tips. That's how I choose to look at it. 

Some of the work can be pretty fun though. On Tuesday I helped rewrite almost an entire website for a pizza company and yesterday I had to write recipes for, of all things, pot based lasagne and wine. Yes folks it's true, you can make wine/beer out of any plant/fruit/herb and that includes good old marijuana. Not that I actually smoke pot myself. To be honest I had to transcribe a youtube video for one of the recipes and the woman in the video gave a very, very bad look at pot smokers. I know not all are bad though. 

Well I'm going to end this here before it gets too far into political debate about weed. What matters is I lost a job and gained a job on the same day. I actually got several job offers and had to turn them down. That's new.


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