Monday, 20 October 2014

Lost And Found

I don't clean my room out nearly as much as I should. In fact I can go way too long without cleaning up. I'm not mentioning a specific measurement of time because that way you can delude yourselves into thinking it's not as long as it really is. I'm just kidding though. Or am I?

Anyway, I had a bit of a clearout recently and now things look better. More than that, I found something that I thought was completely lost to me: My Nintendo DS. I had scoured all of my room for this. At least all of the places where I keep my games. There are about two or three places where I do that and if it's related to gaming, and not in one of those places, I assume it is lost forever. Where it actually turned up is kinda funny yet sad.
Yes that is a Doctor Who case and Sonic Screwdriver stylus
I don't even remember what I was looking for when I decided to go through my bedside cabinet but there it was. I'm sure I must have passed over it a dozen times when I wasn't looking for it, because I never looked in there for it, and never really realised it was there. I guess I should probably go through my bedside cabinet more.

The downside is I don't really have many games for it. I guess I can fix that now I have a job huh? I'm just kidding of course because I have actual responsibilities. Most of my pay is going to replace the savings I had to use when I took myself off welfare. Thankfully it's not too much.

Have you ever found something you thought was lost for good?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Just Some Pictures

Writing for a living means that I've not been able to think of much for blog posts. Take some pictures for now and call me in the morning. I mean, Monday. Normal service will resume Monday. Sorry about this guys but it's three in the morning as I write this and nothing is really coming to me.

Redneck baby

It's so cute they're trying to fly

The math checks out. 

Look upon it and dawwwww
Oh Canada
I want to know that story
Enjoy your weekend people.


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