Monday, 27 June 2016

It's Over

It's kind of old news by this point but I figured I should share my thoughts on the Brexit. It happened. Britain is now out of the EU (well, we're on the way out) and David Cameron is also on his way out. For some people that was quite a double whammy victory. Not for me though. I hate David Cameron so I can be cool about that but as I said last week I voted remain.

I'm not particularly bothered by the result. I am bothered by all the people calling for us to do the whole thing again because they weren't happy with the result. Whiny little bitches. You lost. Deal with it. I can understand some of their sentiment but I doubt they're doing it for any reason other than "Waaahhhhhh we lost". The country spoke and, even though it was split down the middle, the leave side won. I hope they don't come to regret that.

Because that's the thing; no one is really sure what happens now. It turns out that some of the promises of the leave campaign were pure bullshit. That saddens me. Political apathy died on the day of the referendum. People who hadn't voted in 20 years came out and voted. People who hated politics got involved and voted. They believed someone was finally speaking for them and that this time they could really change things. Then it turned out those people were lying cunts.

They believed in politicians one more time and they were given a stark reminder of why they should never do it. Now they'll probably never vote again.

I also found an unintended consequence this past Saturday. My paycheck is a little lower now. What happens is that Fiverr pay me in dollars. So when the pound fell against the dollar so too did how much I earned.

Fiverr said that the $200 I had with them was worth £150 (my dad agrees this is about what it's worth) but PayPal told me that it was only worth £130. It's the biggest discprency I've seen between the two sites. What matters is that I was down £20. It might not sound like much but, to someone like me, that could have gone a long way.

Still, the economy will recover. The country will pick itself up and dust itself off. Only time can really tell if we made the right choice.

It's a shame though. I would have liked to have visited Europe when it was cheap and easy to do so. 

Friday, 24 June 2016


Well when I went to bed the results were around 50% both ways. By the time you're reading this we'll know the results. I wonder what they are.

His hopes and dreams are literally flying away

Why does every politician do this? Why?

Bears are my fetish

I love MURRICA jokes

There needs to be a line for all three...

I would if I worked at a sperm bank

That escalated quickly

Don't try this at home. Or do. It's more fun if you do.

Stop the massacre! Mustard gun control!
I feel bad for making so many America jokes. Have a Canadian one.
It's a brave new world folks. One way or another.


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