Monday, 26 June 2017

Back to Normal

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, because my memory is just that terrible, but Jess spent the week here. We did some work on the house - cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom - and had some fun, but she's going back home today. Tomorrow is also my first driving lesson in about a month. I didn't plan on waiting that long but, to be quite honest, I just couldn't afford it.

But with Jess going home and my driving lessons starting back up, it seems things are going back to normal for me. I'm a little anxious about getting back behind the wheel, but that's just because of how long it's been. I'll get back into it pretty quickly. There was that time I went a few weeks without a driving lesson and was able to pick it back up quickly. Tomorrow will be more of a refresher lesson before we get into the meat and potatoes of why I failed and what we can do to ensure I don't fail the next time.

I still have hopes I can pass my test before the end of August, which is when I go on holiday. My dad says that he can survive driving us there again for another year but it really would be so much easier if I could do the driving. Then he could take the kids on the train so we have more room for luggage (mostly theirs) and I could take the cats to and from the cattery myself. Actually one of the conditions of putting them in the cattery was A) I would pay for it and B) I would take them there and pick them up. Not that my dad would mind taking care of that too if he had to.

I got two months to get this shit done.

Let's do it.

Plus with a license I could pick Jess up and take her home whenever I wanted.

Friday, 23 June 2017

I Got That Friday Feeling

I still feel a little sick, but I have a lot of work to do to finish up by the end of the day so I can spend the weekend off with Jess doing more work around the house. She's taking care of the bathroom today, which is the smallest room in the house. Later on we're going to get drunk and watch bad Batman movies. Wish us luck!

Just kill me now

And we're all invited

I'm kinda sad I never gave - or received - one of these notes


That kid is going places

Yes please

This is brilliant

Cats are the ultimate attention whores

Neither of these things has happened to me. 

This is true evil genius
Have a great weekend folks. I wonder how well the "Bat Nipples" have aged.


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