Monday, 2 March 2015

Immortal Space Update Un

I've decided to dedicate the first post of each month to Immortal Space updates. It gives me an easy blog post to make, keeps you guys aware of how much progress I've made, and also keeps me in check. If I don't write much, come here and declare that, I'll feel guilty as shit at the disappointment you guys will obviously feel.
It also means you GET HYPE!
So where am I in Immortal Space so far? I suppose I should give you a quick run down first. Right now I have plans for 48 chapters. When I'm done I'll wait a week and go through it once more, further combining chapters. I'd combine them as I go through now but then I'd have trouble tracking my progress. So then, just what is that progress? That's the whole point of this post after all.
Unfortunately my cats weren't big fans of their posts. 
As of the time of writing (Sunday night) I have written a grand total of 30260 words across nine chapters. So in terms of progress I am just over (or under) a fifth of the way through. 48/6 is 5.3. At my current pace it will take about four more months if I've done my maths right. Maybe five. But I am hoping to pick up the pace a little moving forward and have it take about four months. We're looking at a summer release here folks. I tend to write one 2000ish word chapter every writing session. Though of course those last few chapters are going to be written from scratch and will probably take longer. They'll also probably be longer and how long chapters are going to be in the final release.

In other words, it's happening. It really is. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

Sort Of A Victory, Maybe, For Net Neutrality

There was some good news out there in the world yesterday. At least it seemed that way at first until you dug deeper. By a vote of 3-2 the FCC, or whoever was in charge (I believe it was the FCC) decided to vote in favour of "Net Neutrality". Net Neutrality would, at the most basic of levels, keep the internet free and open for everyone to use. One of the basic rules would be an internet "fast lane" where some websites would load faster than others depending on how much they were able to pay.
This show was another sad day for the internet. Lulz. 
Now this sounds great, but as I said it seems to be not so great when you really get right down to the nitty gritty. Apparently things still aren't over yet. The new rules can be blocked by the government, of the US, and even then the new rules are something like 300+ pages of guidelines and rules that can't be seen. The entire document won't be seen in its entirety unless the movement passes. So, basically, they want to impose rules on you without telling you what those rules are.
Imagine if people said you had to follow the bible, to the letter, without telling you what was in it. 
To be honest I'm not entirely sure how that's even legal. But I don't make the laws. I don't even follow the laws because those are US laws and I'm exempt from them. Take that legal drinking age of 21! Though I'm over 21 and could drink in the US anyway. Well I can still hit on 16 year old girls and only have it be "creepy" rather than "illegal".

But the fact of the matter is that if the US DID try to actively change the internet it would end up affecting the outside world too. Things like this net neutrality are global issues and were met with a global response. It seems politicians from every country can't resist fucking with the internet but, thankfully, the internet will always be there to stop them.

Thomas Jefferson (March 1801): "The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object."


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