Monday, 4 May 2015

Immortal Space Update San

Why not change what language I use as the number for the update? This month the number is "san", which is the Japanese word for "three". There you go, you've learned something. I am a kind and merciful God after all. Well anyway you aren't here to learn Japanese; you're here to see how I'm progressing with Immortal Space. It's the first Monday of the month after all.
Ba dum tsh!
First off don't expect the number to be too high this month. Last month I got a large writing job that took a whole week for me to do, and that meant no Immortal Space writing. I'm sorry about that but at the minute I'm desperate for money so I'll take short term writing work over the long term writing of Immortal Space. I also had to deal with larger chapters that were the length of several chapters. Thankfully I also had to deal with smaller chapters so hopefully the number is good. Well, let's see.

Gimme a drumroll kitty
Immortal Space currently stands at 25 chapters written and 81180 words, including the title page and contents. That is 7 chapters written, which doesn't sound good, until I also say that it's close to 30k words written, which is about 13-15 regular chapters. Which isn't bad at all considering I didn't write for a whole week. I'm also now officially past the half way point! Wheee! In terms of chapters at least. I have plans for 49 chapters. When you take in to account some are longer than others, and some are shorter, I can no longer give a safe word count guesstimate.

Also Firefox recognises "Guesstimate" as a real word. Go figure.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Reliving The Magic

After reading nothing but comics and manga for the past few months, probably closer to a year, I decided it was time I re-enter the wide world of reading. What better book series to go back through than Harry Potter at that? I know I've blogged about Harry Potter before but hey, I'm going to be talking about different aspects of the books. Most noticeably how much I misremember them.
Grimdark as fuck yo
One thing that I'm surprised I found myself thinking is that I'm actually closer to this level than I thought in terms of writing ability. The first book is very, very simplistic. I'm really bad at descriptive writing and it's my biggest weakness as a writer. One comparison I like to make is that J.K would describe Hogwarts in great detail and I would simply say "There was a large castle" and you know what? I was wrong. That's actually how J.K describes Hogwarts the first time Harry sees it. She literally describes it as a large castle. I hope that one day someone looks back at Immortal Space when I've gone on to release other things and they think to themselves "Wow, I can see for myself how much he grew." It's interesting, in a way, as J.K is an author I look up to. Now I look at her work and think I don't have such a long way to go. At least, not until I'm on the level of the first book. Those books definitely got more complicated and better written as the series progressed.

Another thing is just how different the movies were even back at the start. I haven't watched a Harry Potter movie since the fourth one. I love Order of The Phoenix and I didn't want to see them ruin it. I didn't realise of course how much of the earlier books was changed. To watch the movies you'd think that Harry, Ron and Hermione were bosom buddies right from the start and it was a collective love at first sight. I'm a little past half way through the first book and Harry and Ron can't really stand Hermione. It took a while for them to really develop and become the trio they eventually did.

For now though, I'm just going to enjoy reading again. Perhaps the next books I pick won't be a seven part series though.


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