Monday, 26 January 2015

Immortal Space Update/Announcement

For the people who aren't aware, Immortal Space is a story I started writing not long after I actually started writing this blog. I think I've been writing it about two years now. I've been writing it off and on and there have been times I stopped writing it entirely, only to go back to it later. At the last update I said I was writing things that were coming up to the end and having some trouble thinking up an ending. I don't know if I mentioned that part, but that's where I was.
I also enjoy "And then they all fucked. The end."
Well after talking with a friend about her own plans for a book, I decided that it was about time I wrote out a plan for Immortal Space so I knew how it was ending and where it was going. She told me she was writing chapter summaries and I decided to do the same. It was easy at first because I was just summarising the chapters I'd already written and there was a lot. It turns out that writing summaries for chapters I hadn't written yet ended up being pretty easy too and it went well once I got started.
This is how my cat reacted
That's right folks; the good news is that Immortal Space is now completely planned out. Well, a summary of the entire story anyway. I might deviate a bit but I have everything I need to write it fully. The bad news is I was actually pretty close to the end, but I'm writing the final draft. So I'm rewriting everything. Again. That said, I do at least know how far along I am with the story and there shouldn't be any real delays in it's release.

Expect Immortal Space some time this year, potentially some time in the next six months. I'll keep you updated as I go.

Friday, 23 January 2015

I Just Earned Fifty Dollars

Well not literally just right now, but yesterday. I earned me a cool fifty dollars by doing some writing. I'm part of a number of online freelancing sites but right now the only one I really use is With the other sites I'm on I have to apply for jobs, only occasionally being contacted directly by an employer to interview for a job. The worst thing about that? I actually never got a job off someone who contacted me directly about work.
Although to be fair for some of those people I had to send them a message back saying that I wasn't available for work. It didn't take me too long to find a job on those sites once I took it seriously. Though we all know how that eventually worked. Fiverr is a bit different from those sites though. I've blogged about the service before because I've used it as a buyer as well as a seller. Instead of people posting jobs and you apply for them, you offer your services. There are gigs for pretty much literally everything. It's a great place to get some cheap advertising and graphic design done; things that can typically be expensive.
I recently became a level 1 seller on there after making some sales and getting 100% perfect feedback (go me). That means that people can order more than one of something I offer. The only thing I really offer at this point is article writing. So I woke up to find out that someone had ordered an article. By the time I finished my breakfast I found out someone had ordered not one, but EIGHT articles. I originally told them it might take more than a day, but I had too much time today and was able to get it done. Then someone ordered another article. That's ten articles, which is 50 dollars. Oh yeahhhh. The only downside is Fiverr takes 1 dollar out of each sale, which is how they make their money. I really only earned 40 dollars, but hey that's still a good amount and earns me a few more months of freedom to write. Got a big update on Immortal Space I'll save for a post of it's own. This is already too long.



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