Monday, 24 October 2016

I've Already Completed My Christmas Shopping

I know it's not even November yet but as of last night I really have finished all of my Christmas shopping. I only have one or two things left to buy but I know exactly what I'm going to get. I'm just waiting until I have a little more disposable income. I am supposed to be saving for a new laptop after all. I found a pretty good one that matches my needs for £600, so I think I'm going to get that, assuming there isn't a better one for cheaper by the time Black Friday rolls around.

These presents look a lot better wrapped than they are
I decided this year I would attempt to wrap the presents again. I don't know what compelled me to do that given how much I suck at it. I'm getting slightly better but I find I either do a really good job wrapping a present or a really, really bad one. I'm not finished with wrapping or anything though. I'm getting several packages over the next week or two that will complete my pile. After that they shall be divided up into four piles and placed in three "sacks"; one unsacked pile for my dad and brother's stuff, and a sack each for my mother/sister/niece, sister 1 and her family, and sister 2 and her family.

All in all I've bought about 20 presents and I've learned two very valuable lessons from all of this;

1. Christmas is expensive as fuck. Like, I'm not looking forward to having kids and feeling the need to shower them with gifts. I've easily spent a few hundred quid.
2. I've definitely had a lot more success this year than last in terms of making money. Last year I got away with getting only a few small things. This year I've spent about 3-5 times more than last year.

With a kid I can expect to spend about twice that. Or more. Per kid.


Gonna have a busy week this week too. Doctor's appointment and a driving lesson. Thursday is practically just entirely written off.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Something Something Friday

Is it Friday already? Weekends don't really mean much to me. They haven't done since I left school actually. 
Further evidence cats are dicks

This is why I use public bathrooms. Also why I don't. 


To be fair chips and fries are the same thing, but potatoes do give us hash browns and other goodies

Sometimes you really need to ask yourself "Why?"

I'd vote Randy Marsh. He thought this was America. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out because it'll probably break something due to your severe lack of protein

Don't try to have sex with alligators kids

Dammit Netflix what are you doing? 
Have a good weekend folks. I'll see you Monday. 


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