Friday, 21 November 2014

Things Came Up

Some things happened that have left me stressed and just not up for doing much. Unfortunately that means the blog is going to have to suffer today and I'll have to be lazy again. I've done this so often I should consider making it a regular segment now eh?

It took me too long to get this. Say "Fiancé" slowly.
Further proof cats are liquid
This cat is an engineer
Only enough bread for one sandwich
He'll grow into it.
I'm not saying Internet Explorer kills people...but it kills people
I want a hamster dam

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stay Safe Out There

I heard a few reports about a nasty snow storm in the New York State area. I have friends who were hit by it but didn't know too much. Then I read more about it and damn, it's not that pretty. Snow is beautiful. Snow storms are not so much really.
Okay that's still pretty
It turns out that so far five people have died and plenty of people are still stuck in the snow on the interstate and in their cars. I'm also hearing a lot of good things though about people sticking together and opening their doors for their neighbours who got trapped. People aren't quite home but they are in the warm.

I hate to sound preachy but winter is always a time to remember the homeless who are stuck outside. Even outside of snow storms and natural disasters, keep people in mind when you're out and about and help as many people as you can. Be a decent human being.
Oh Wile E. how I miss you
It turns out things are getting pretty bad across the whole US and not just New York State. Temperatures are getting pretty low so make sure you stay warm folks. Stay safe too. Ask yourself if a trip is really worth it and if you find someone stuck in the cold offer them a helping hand.

Be a decent human being when you can, and a smart one most of the time, if not all the time. 


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