Monday, 12 October 2015

Health Week; The Seconding

A few weeks ago the main theme of the blog ended up being my health as I was inside a hospital seemingly every other week. It kept me busy with having a lot of writing to do so it only seems right to bring it all back. To be honest as well as getting my tonsils out this Wednesday I'm also going to be weighed tomorrow.

To continue the honesty I'm worried that my awesome streak of continuous weight loss may finally be at an end. With going to the hospital so much I've been too tired to cook lately. I went from eating badly once a week (when I'd have dinner with my dad) to eating badly two, to even three times a week. I've tried to scale back in other areas and try and contain the damage like I did last month but I don't think it's been as effective this month. Actually the scales at the gym insist I've gained weight and, as I said before, the scales at the hospital said I'd only lost a tiny bit. At least I haven't eaten any pizza this month I guess.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on how the surgery goes, assuming I survive, and how my weight loss has gone. Or indeed, hasn't gone. It's always good to have a plan for upcoming posts. This week I know what each post is going to be about. Thursday will be details of how my day at the hospital went with Friday being about much weight I lost or gained.

It's not sexy but oh well.

Friday, 9 October 2015

More Friday Funnies

You know the deal; I'm feeling down and can't think of anything to post so am instead going to inundate you hilarious things found across the interwebs. Enjoy!

Sometimes that really is the answer.
Some people really make you feel like this
I'd give this a go. 
That's oddly deep
Good Hitler jokes are the best Hitler jokes
Jesus take the wheel! NO NOT THAT ONE!
I can see myself doing this too
The Pope has defenses not many know about
Now that would cause quite a ruckus
P.S I can now insert images into posts easily again. Huzzah!


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