Monday, 30 May 2016

Determining Worth

I'm a freelance writer. It's something I've mentioned before, but not often enough given some of the things I get to write about. Really if I ever find myself not sure of something to write about I'm sure I could just write about some of the stuff I've been paid to write about. I have two main services; I write original articles and I rewrite others.

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I recently decided to alter my prices and value myself a little better. At least as far as rewriting goes. When I started it up I decided to rewrite 750 words for $5. I wanted it to be better value than writing an original article because I wasn't really putting in any research to rewriting an article. I considered it less work. This value for money was the reason I've been able to bring in so much money. Almost 90% of my hires, if not more, are for rewrites. I've kind of reached the peak of what I can earn using my current pricing and, honestly, it's not enough. I'm doing too much work and not getting paid enough for it. So I restructured.

I now rewrite 600 words for $5. This may not sound like much less but it really is. It means I get burned out less and I'm earning slightly more. It's my hope that with this new pricing model I'll be better able to manage my work and increase my earnings a little bit more. I doubt I'll ever feel comfortable charging more than $1/100 words but, for now, we'll see how this goes.

I messaged some of my bigger clients personally to make them aware of the change. So far everyone who replied told me they supported my decision and thanked me for letting them know. That was nice of them.

Remember folks that value is about more than just price. Value is quality/price. With the quality of my work (Over 250 4/5 star reviews!) the price was ridiculously good value. Now it's a little more expensive, but still great value. Here's hoping the move works well for me and I'm able to bring in slightly more money.

If people weren't bored to tears by this post then maybe I'll be more comfortable talking about work in the future.

Friday, 27 May 2016

It's The Day After My Birthday

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I got a lot of surprising ones actually, especially the ones from my clients. Here's some things to amuse you all.
It's nice when two businesses work together in harmony

I do most things quietly

I love it when a plan comes together

Someone get this man a horny single!

It's the little victories that matter

Damn straight

Well now I'm sad

I'd totally watch this movie

I'm adding that to the jokebook

Have a good weekend folks.


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